World's 1st Social network-style NFT Marketplace for Content Creators.

Discover, collect, and sell exclusive NFTs.

What is fangram™   Creator Benefits

About Us

"Gram" means village in Sanskrit language. We are a creating a Metaverse for Content Creators, Influencers, and their Fans and Followers.

Our vision at fangram™ is to create a world where content realizes its real value.

The idea of fangram™ was born out of the content creator community as we interacted with content creators across the Globe to understand their needs and understand what they really wanted to have on a social platform that will help them monetize their influence with their content and NFTs.

Art. Music. Films. Animations. Collectibles. Unpublished Works.

Fangram™ is a social network and NFTmarketplace for content creators and influencers to earn more money by selling exclusive content to their fans around the world.

Additionally,creators can interact with their fansand build a fan following on thesocial network-style platform.

fangram™ is a perfect combination of smart technology and real people, here to help you succeed.
We're on a mission to simplify building strong influencer communities and help everyone to benefit with the same. We don’t have all the answers but strive to figure them out. And that’s the fun part.

We keep the goal front and center, experiment around how we get there, enjoy the struggle and do what it takes to deliver. We welcome fresh ideas from everyone and if you have some, feel free to drop us a note at

Founded in 2021, we're just getting started on this beautiful journey.

Our Team


A seasoned technocrat with 20+ years in IT. Loves football and coffee.


Artist. Actor. Producer. Our guiding Angel. Co-Founder of an OTT platform.


Film Director/Producer. Been to The Oscars™ as an independent entry! Co-Founder of an OTT platform.


Our Superhero and go to guy. Mostly found in a Gym.

Creator Benefits

We all know by now that NFTs create endless possibilities for both creators and fans.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) go way beyond funny animations and edgy artworks. They’re an opportunity to shake up the creator-audience dynamics. fangram creates a deep ownership economy whereby NFT buyers co-own a piece of a brand or creator’s story.

fangram offers you a platform to enhance your community by giving fans next-level access to your brand, your work and yourself. And to let them benefit when you succeed.

Think of fangram as a platform to showcase your creation, give your fans and followers a glimse of your work, interact with your fans regularly. It's time to not only create but to build communities around your creation, to tell the stories to your followers and fans and to earn while doing so. We love our creators.


Fully decentralized network provides trust that creators own their content 100%.

Social Network

Social network style secure platform for interacting with fans and earning more as a creator.

Universal Creative Income

Create passive income opportunity for creators and offer a form of Universal Creative Income (UCI).

Global Reach

Creators get easy access to global fanbase for their content on the decentralized social platform.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace so creators can easily turn any content into NFTs.


Discover creators and artists. Follow them for public content, subscribe for private content and buy exclusive content as NFT.

We're also working on building a program called "fangram™ Creators Village" - which brings together visionary curators with fangram™ creators to explore the power of NFTs.

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