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At fangram, we believe that almost everyone will work for themselves in the future - our mission is to empower every individual to achieve that. is designed to help content creators create engaging content & build loyal fans & followers. The idea of fangram was born out of content creator community as we interacted with content creators to understand their needs and understand what they really wanted to have on a social platform which will help them monetize their influence.

fangram is a perfect combination of smart technology and real people, here to help you succeed.

Our vision at fangram is is to create a world where content realizes its real value. We believe that if you are good at something, never do it for free - people who create great content should get rewarded for their creative work. 

fangram gives followers a meaningful way to express gratitude to creators. Creators can also offer exclusive content and community access for their loyal followers.

We're on a mission to simplify building strong influencer communities and help everyone to benefit with the same. We don’t have all the answers, but strive to figure them out. And that’s the fun part. We keep the goal front and center, experiment around how we get there, enjoy the struggle, and do what it takes to deliver. We welcome fresh ideas from everyone and if you have some, feel free to drop us a note at

Founded in 2021, fangram is based in Mumbai. We're just getting started on this beautiful journey. 

We ❤️ our creators. - Building communities for creators | Product Hunt