What is fangram?

For Creators. By Creators.

fangram aims to attract all Artists who can list their content, raise awareness for their artworks and establish a strong digital presence.

fangram is a platform where you can connect, engage and monetize your community.

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What makes fangram different?

Everything in One Place

fangram envisions the development of an all-in-one marketplace for all your social media and revenue needs.

Share your work, receive donations, sell memberships, products or commissions and even set a crowdfunding goal all from one place.

Artists, Writers, Podcasters, Life Coaches, Fitness Experts and all kinds of creators use fangram. It can be a simple tip-jar, a place to build a membership community or a super-easy way to sell products and commissions with just a link! fangram is for anyone who wants to start making an income directly from fans of what they do.